Best Gifts for Her

20 Gifts Perfect for Her

On this week’s Amazon Live, we talked about all things for her! We went over all 20 best gifts for her, for the moms, mother in laws, sisters, friends, neighbors, and coworkers in our lives, from Air Tags to lip masks, you’re sure to find something for all the women in your life this holiday season.

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  1. Diffuser ($24.99) and Blue Capri Oil ($14.99)// Nothing is more relaxing than turning on an oil diffuser, closing your eyes, and relaxing. This diffuser and oil are the perfect gifts for women that seem to have everything. Plus, the scent of the oil is dreamy! Think beach vacation with undertones of Christmas!
  2. PMD ($135.15)// Every woman needs the PMD. We were a bit intimidated by it at first, but after using it, we will never go back. It removes all the dead skin, leaving you feeling like you just left the spa.
  3. Facial Cleaner (24.99)// This compact little beauty is a great option for cleaning that beautiful face of yours without taking up valuable retail in your bathroom or travel bag.
  4. PMD Clean ($99)// Our PMD cleans are one of our favorite beauty items to date. When we forget it at home we notice it right away. It has a way of gently cleaning your face while making it silky smooth.
  5. Pair of Silk Pillowcases ($4.99)// Did you know silk pillowcases are fantastic for hair and skin? They drastically decrease breakage on your hair and help with oil control on your skin, and they feel fabulous to boot. Also, at this price, they are perfect for every woman in your life.
  6. Lounge Set ($30.99)// What says 2021 more than a cute lounge set? It’s one of the good things to come out of this year and we are here for it. Plus, we can’t say no to a stripe. We love the red stripe of this set, it says Christmas but can totally be worn throughout the year.
  7. Pretty Scissors ($8.99 for 2)//Every woman needs a pair (or 2) of scissors that she hides from the kids so they don’t end up missing. This set of two is great for any woman for opening mail or snipping off those loose threads we always seem to find.
  8. Birdie Safety Alarm ($29.95)// As women, we can never be too safe. This Birdie Alarm fits perfectly on a keychain and is easy to use if we find ourselves needing it.
  9. Makeup Brush Cleaner ($10.99) and Cleaning Soap ($11.98 for 2)// Do you know the importance of cleaning makeup brushes? I wish I could say I clean mine regularly. But this cleaner leaves me no excuse. It easily and thoroughly cleans those brushes.
  10. CHI Spin ‘N Curl ($69.99)// What woman doesn’t need to get ready fast? We were pleasantly surprised with the CHI Spin ’N Curl. It’s so easy to use and makes the best curls. We never knew we could love a hair gadget this much and have no doubt that any curl loving woman will love it too.
  11. 40 Oz Tumbler ($27.99)// Every woman needs an insulated Tumbler to hold her water (or if you’re us, Diet Coke). This tumbler holds 40 oz. and fits in the car cup holder! #winning
  12. LED Makeup Mirror ($33.99)// LED mirrors are so great to put on makeup since it gives that perfect glow and makes it easier to see everything. We love that this mirror can flip either way and has a little suction mirror to get the fine details.
  13. Cleaning Soap ($11.98 for 2) Remember that automatic makeup cleaning brush set? This is the perfect soap to go with it. It is gentle on the brush and sensitive to the skin. They come in a set of two and would be perfect to split up for multiple gifts.
  14. Apple Air Tag ($29) and Holder ($7.99)// We lose our keys way too frequently, and they’re always in the last place we look 😉. The Air Tag makes finding keys a cinch. Just use these great holders, stick them on your keychain, and when they are lost (because we’re all bound to them), your phone will show their location as well as play a sound until you find them.
  15. Jade Roller and Oil Set ($29)// Every woman deserves a little pampering and this set is just that. We have found that using a jade roller helps with headaches, migraines, and TMJ pain and increases circulation in addition to feeling fabulous on our skin.
  16. Laneige Lip Mask ($15.79)// During the dry Winter months we find our lips getting so dry and cracked. This Laneige sleep lip mask totally transforms lips, making them soft and hydrated.
  17. Eye Massager ($56.09)// Trust us, the women in your life need an eye massager. They truly are magic. We all receive so much stress from staring at screens day in and out. Just put it on, close your eyes, and enjoy.
  18. Quilted Tote ($29.99)// We love the look of a quilted tote. It’s understated and classy. This one is just the right size to hold all the mom things we’re constantly carrying around. We have never met a woman that doesn’t love a new bag, especially one she doesn’t have to pay for.
  19. Fuzzy Slides ($16.49)// These clogs are perfect for so many different occasions. Whether you’re running errands around town, or just hanging out at home, all women deserve some cute shoes that are easy to slip on and go just like these.
  20. Cozy Blanket ($26.99)// We don’t know anyone that can say no to a blanket. They are perfect for snuggling up on cold nights. 

We love getting to chat with you all every week! What are you looking forward to seeing on the next Life?

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  • Michelle
    December 15, 2021

    Love that you compile lists!

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    December 15, 2021

    I agree with all of these suggestions!

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    December 15, 2021

    Awesome ideas!!

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    December 15, 2021

    I so want a CHI Spin ’N Curl. I’ve heard great reviews.

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    Love this

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    December 15, 2021

    Sending link to my husband!

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    December 15, 2021

    I am really wanting a makeup mirror to sit at a vanity and get ready!! It feels very fancy!!

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    December 16, 2021

    Love this!