Amazon Beauty Essentials

Amazon Beauty Essentials

Amazon is the place for great finds and the best deals. We are sharing our 8 favorite beauty essentials and haircare products that we would easily rate 5 stars.

hair clips

No Dent Clips

Keep your hair out of your face while doing your makeup with these no-crease hair clips, specially designed not to bend or leave a mark. $5.99 for 8.

body scrub for beauty

Salt Body Scrub

Detoxify and exfoliate with this rich body scrub made of Himalayan pink salt and enriched with lychee berry and sweet almond oil. The impressive blend restores skin leaving it rejuvenated and fully hydrated. $14.98

body brush

Body Brush

Exfoliate and eliminate shaving irritation with dynamic bristles that are both firm and flexible. Silky, smooth skin is just a brush away in the shower. We recommend using the Himalayan Scrub featured above. $13.95

Heat pad for beauty

Heat Pad

Safely lay your hair hot tools on a silicone mat that protects counters. The heat resistant and non slip pad rolls for easy storage. $9.99

Hair brush

Tangle Teezer

The brush tackling all tangles is this pink one. Gently bushes through all knots while massaging the scalp. It’s especially great to brush out ringlets after using a curling iron. $13.99

coconut oil for beauty

Nude Pout

Coconut gloss kicks dehydrated lips goodbye. Packed with 100% coconut oil, Vitamin E, and Shea butter this nonsticky formula is uber hydrating, vegan, and sulfate-free. $12.99

makeup mirror

Mirror, Mirror

Blending will become easier with a lighted mirror. The vanity LED trifold makeup mirror has a 1x, 2x, 3x magnification modes and provides excellent adjustable brightness for your beauty session. $24.99

shampoo and conditioners

Happy Monday

We came for the bottles but stayed for the fabulous conditioning. Monday makes shampoo and conditioners that smooth and soak hair in ultra hydrating ingredients minus the stuff you don’t want such as sulfates and paragons. Plus it’s cruelty-free which we love even more. $29.99 2-16oz bottles

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