Amazon Kitchen Must-Haves


Get the perfect pour with an easy to drizzle oil spout in a chic glaze ceramic bottle. $16.99

Chopping Block

Sustainably sourced acacia wood cutting board in the prettiest herringbone pattern made to last. $19.99

Too Hot to Handle

Safely handle all pots, pans and oven trays with the silicone pot holders and oven mitts. The set includes 5 pieces of heat resistant and non slip gloves and pads. $14.99

Romantic Glasses

We have been swooning over these and hadn’t been able to find a deal until now. The 6 glass set are decorated with intricate embossed designs and are durable and BPA free. 6 pack 9.50z $25.99

5 Star Dish Towel

Beautifully handmade on a traditional wooden loom, they are absorbent and quickly dry. Available in 8 colors. 4 pack is $12.99.

Tools of the Trade

The ultimate copper coated stainless steel 7 piece set. The gadgets are comfortable, soft touch, good grip, non-slip handles that absorb pressure and make it easier on your hands. $22 reg. $30

What’s the Tea?

Ergonomically chic electric kettle boils piping hot water. The elegant design enables you to easily control the speed and consistency of the water flow. Comes in matte black too. $34.99

Herb Chopper

Herb chopping, cutting and mincing just got easier with this tool. The half moon blade rocks back and forth to finely cut your herbs on a bamboo board. $39.99 Reg $70

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The Comments

  • Katie
    December 15, 2021

    I want a beautiful, but minimalist kitchen… these items are gorgeous!

  • Brandie T
    December 15, 2021

    That herb chopper 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • Charlene Monteleone
    December 15, 2021

    Great ideas!!!

  • McCormick Korrie
    December 15, 2021

    I love all these kitchen supplies. The colors together are so pretty

  • Shelby
    December 15, 2021

    Love the dish towel and chopping block!

  • Meredith LeBlanc
    December 15, 2021

    This cutting board is beautiful

  • Lacey Millard
    December 16, 2021

    Loving the copper tools for the kitchen!

  • Caitlin Chaussee
    December 16, 2021

    Love this list. I love bamboo and how elegant all of these items would look together.