Amazon Prime Day 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022: 5 Tips

This year’s Amazon Prime Day is back to the summer months and has just been announced that it will be July 12 and 13. Since it’s one of our favorite times of the year, we’re here to set you, fellow bargain hunters, up for success shopping it. As we all know, Prime Day can be pretty overwhelming, but fear not! They don’t call us The Bargain Sisters for nothing—we’ve compiled our top 5 tips to get everything you want out of Amazon Prime Day 2022.

But before we get started, if you want to shop all the deals, but aren’t sure you want to purchase a Prime Membership, you can sign up to get a free 30 day Prime Membership. If you decide you love Prime as much as we do, you can then keep it, but if you decide it’s not your jam, just end your membership before the 30 days is up and you won’t be charged.

Did you know that you can share your Prime membership (which you definitely need for Prime Day) with family members and they with you if you don’t have one already? All you need to do to set it up is head over to “Manage Prime Membership” in your account, click “Invite a Household Member,” and enter the person’s name, how they’re related to you, their email address, and their birthday. You (or they if you did this process in reverse) can remove people later if needed.

Now, because we know you have important shopping to do, we’re keeping this guide focused on only the tips that will ensure you get everything you want out of Amazon’s biggest sale of the year. Let’s get into it!

When Is Amazon Prime Day?

So, first things first: When is Amazon Prime Day? Amazon just announce that Prime Day 2022 will be July 12-13. We’ll share all the best deals on @the_bargainsisters and in The Bargain Sisters Group, so make sure you’re following us in both places to stay in the loop.

Given the date, we have a little less than one month to get ready. Here’s how we suggest you prepare:

1. Create your lists

The Amazon website can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. We know this all too well. Because of that, we start making lists of what we need to be looking for beforehand. We keep lists for each of our family members, our home projects, and more. You can see some of them in our Amazon Storefront here.

We’re speaking for ourselves as people who love to dig and scroll through lots and lots of pages, as well as humans who get sidetracked easily by Lightning Deals, but if you’re like us, you may need the reminder as well.

If you need ideas, follow and watch our Prime Day Deals list—we’re going to be adding and subtracting from that during the whole event and it’ll include any early Prime Day deals we see as well.

2. Know prices beforehand

Secondly, for big-ticket items like furniture, smart watches, vacuums, and more, it’s helpful to add them to your list with their pre-Prime Day prices noted. That way, when Amazon Prime Day 2022 kicks off, you’ll know exactly how much you’re saving on the most-coveted items on your list. Since Amazon prices are so variable as it is, it’s helpful to know how much the price was versus how much it is the day you finally purchase it.

For example, we’ve purchased the items on our list of Best Cleaning Products on a Budget enough times to know the price of The Pink Stuff off the top of our heads. If we see it for half on Prime Day, we’ll know we’re getting a crazy good deal we can’t resist! We’re in the business of bargains, but we’re also in the business of stocking up, and Prime Day is the perfect time for both.

3. Have a PRIME DAY shopping list

As we mentioned above, it’s helpful to go into Prime Day 2022 with a list, whether you write it down on a notepad or create a private wish list within the Amazon app or on the website. We all have our preferred ways of list-making and it can be helpful for us to leave a notepad out on the kitchen counter for our husbands to add to when they have time. If you’re open to various vacuum brands, for example, it can be easier to write down the type of thing you’re looking for versus adding specific items to your wish list.

Regardless of what process you choose (analog or digital), a Prime Day shopping list is key. You’ll be happy you have it!

4. Grab things quickly!

Remember, everything is free returns with Amazon Prime. And, during Prime Day, things go FAST. So, with your list at the ready and your budget in mind, fill your cart and check out as often as you need to. You don’t have to worry about things you forget because of the aforementioned free shipping. Find a deal on a Fitbit you want on the second day? Swipe on the app for instant checkout, even if you just submitted an order for a big haul the day before. Not sure which style of Echo Dot your nephew will like the best? Grab two! You can also return the one he doesn’t want later.

Amazon is the best, isn’t it?

5. Turn on notifications

Okay, last but CERTAINLY not least: You’ve compiled your lists, you’re watching the website, you’re ready to go, but life happens. You have to drop the kids off at school and there’s always work to do, so how do you ensure you’re getting the most out of Amazon Prime Day 2022? Turn on notifications for The Bargain Sisters!

There are quite a few items that may sell out on the first day of Amazon Prime Day, but will be back the next day. We every time we see it come back in stock we will post it. AND if you have your notifications turned on you will be notified via Facebook and Instagram that we have posted. 

To double check that you have notifications turned on for The Bargain Sisters,

On Facebook: Open the Facebook app, go to The Bargain Sisters Group, click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner, click manage notifications, and then click “all posts”. 

On Instagram: Open the Instagram app, go to The Bargain Sisters’ page and click the bell in the top right corner, slide the toggle for posts and stories so they are blue. You are good to go. 

Are You Ready for Prime Day?

We hope these tips helped you feel prepped and ready to go for Prime Day! The biggest thing is to rely on your own lists instead of feeling the need to scroll through the endless products advertised on Amazon during the event. Also, before you load your cart, make sure you’ve read our guide to preventing package theft. It includes a tip about Amazon’s garage service you may want to set up if you haven’t already. You’re about to get a lot of packages and it’s essential you know where they are and ensure they’re safely delivered.

Stay focused, have fun, and throw in a little something extra for yourself. You’ve earned it!

What are you hoping to score during this year’s Prime Day?

Happy shopping! XO,

Ali and Cassie

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