Amazon’s Best Outdoor Toys & Games for Kids

We love warm summer rays and later sunsets, and we want to maximize outdoor time with our littles as much as anyone, which led us to research Amazon’s best outdoor toys & games for kids. We found some great stuff, and all were reasonably priced! Pool days, play dates and park visits are some of our favorite ways to spend the day, but sometimes we just need some good ol’ backyard activities to keep the boredom at bay, ya know?

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Anyway, let’s get into these outdoor toys and games, shall we?

Kids’ Outdoor Toys

If you are running out of ideas about how to keep your kiddos screen-free and playing outdoors, we have you covered with this roundup of Amazon’s best outdoor toys & games for kids! We found really great budget-friendly toys and games to keep them running around on the grass and enjoying the sunshine. The most expensive one is just under $40, and most are less than $20.

Relatedly, we made sure to look for games and toys that were not only gender-neutral but also fun for kids of all ages. Also, many of these toys can grow with your family. Everyone needs water balloons, right?

Best Outdoor Toys

Moreover, one of our favorite picks from this list is the laser tag set with guns and vests. This battle game is fun for all ages, including adults! Parents, you’ll want to get in on the action and strategize your course of action in the garden. Truly, we feel like kids again when we play laser tag with our family. It’s worth noting, too, that we play laser tag indoors during the winter and it’s just as fun!

We also included a variety of toys and games that are easy to set up and provide hours of imaginative play. There really is something for everyone!

Laser Tag For Kids

Laser Tag

With this set that includes guns and vests, you can group together up to four teams and unlimited players! This is the best game of laser tag outside of an actual laser tag center. 2-pack $36.99 (clip the coupon for an extra 10% savings)

Water Balloons For Kids

Water Balloons

How cool are self-sealing water balloons? Attach the stem to a hose, fill them big & shake to make hundreds of water balloons in seconds. Hours of outdoor fun in the Summer heat for the whole family. 350 balloons for $15.99.

Outdoor Adventure Kit For Kids

Outdoor Adventure Kit

Your kids will enjoy endless adventures with this super-packed exploration kit. It includes 12 bug models for kids, binoculars, a magnifying glass, a flashlight, a compass, a critter case, a whistle, bug cards, a butterfly net, a treasure map, a backpack net, and a backpack to pack it all around! $17.99 gets you a whole lot of goodies.

Kids Walkies


Stay connected with these long-range walkie-talkies. They’re perfect for playing indoors or outdoors (they have a three-mile range!) and, importantly, checking in when the kids are out of sight. This 3-pack is $21.99.

Play Tent For Kids

Play Tent

Not only does this play tent set up in seconds, but it also includes a bunch of fun play grilling gear. Kids can play camp all summer long! $29.99 for over a dozen fun pieces.

Wooden Tumble Tower Game

Wooden Tumble Tower

Show your kids the fun of this classic wooden block stacking game made for the outdoors. It even has its own carrying bag for travel! Build a tower up to three feet tall and see who makes it topple first. Fun all around! Plus, it’s just $25.79 when you clip the extra $3 off coupon.

Stomp Rockets

There is something so satisfying about stomp rockets for kids young and old, so there was no way we could leave them off our list of best outdoor toys & games for kids! They go up to 20 stories—200 feet—in the air. Who’s the most competitive in your crew? $19.99 for a set of four ultra rockets.

Bubble Wands

Bubble Wands

Undeniably, bubbles are mesmerizing for everyone. This bubble wand set makes GIANT bubbles and comes with a set of two concentrates, which are non-toxic and made in the USA. $14.95!

Ring Toss

Ring Toss

Did you play ring toss games when you were a kid? We sure did! We love this updated classic, portable version that’s easy to set up wherever your summer adventures take you. Moreover, it comes with three sets of rings, a wooden peg base, and a carry bag for just $21.58.

Body Bumpers

Body Bumpers

Okay, you’re going to want to pull up some chairs and pack snacks to watch this showdown. Kids will love becoming human ping-pong balls in these inflatable suits! $21.99 for two and appropriate for kids as young as four.

Backpack Water Gun

Backpack Water Gun

This cute water gun backpack for kids 2+ will keep them running around the yard and playing for hours. Seriously, this thing has a 1,000 ml capacity! There are a few different animals to choose from, all within just a few dollars of each other, so your littles can have the pick of their favorite animal. $11.99 for the duckling.

So, what do you think? How’s your summer shaping up? Feeling more armed with options? With all of these items, we know you and your kids are going to have a lot of fun-filled days—and nights, too!

Comment below and let us know if there’s anything you’ve found to keep the good times rolling on hot days, and we’ll add them to our deals watch list.

Stay cool out there!

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