Christmas Decor on a Budget

The holiday season is here and we could not be more excited! We have gathered together Christmas decor on a budget that is $10 and under. These finds are inexpensive and wonderfully festive decor for any space. Of course, our first stop for beautiful and inexpensive home decor is the Target Bullseye Playground. We love the cozy and cute finds we found online. We’ve got some ideas for creating a festive display.

Budget Christmas decorating ideas

The items we have picked will be perfect on your mantle, a bookshelf, or even as a centerpiece on your dining table. You can easily layer the pine garlands with a string of lights and wooden beads and then drape them over a mantle. Also, you could create your very own Christmas village with these ceramic houses and lights. There are so many wonderful decorative options! They are all very versatile.

Target Christmas Decor Finds

  1. Snowmen (3pck $10.00)// Nothing says Winter Wonderland like snowmen. This set of three snowmen is the perfect contrast to the vibrant hues of other holiday decors. Add them to your entryway table, or add some snowy charm to your mantle.
  2. Pine lights ($10.00)// Add a touch of shine to your space by using this 30 count LED pine sprig garland.
  3. Snowy Trees (3pck $9.00)// These pine trees give you the winter wonderland feel without the cold temperatures. Add them to your decor so that you get a more natural look to enhance the Christmas spirit.
  4. String Lights (3ct $9.00)// Try adding the perfect touch of sparkle, like these star shaped fairy lights that are sure to light up any room.
  5. Galvanized Barn ($10.00)// Bring farmhouse appeal to Christmas seamlessly with a cute barn, add some lights and trees to have the perfect rustic Christmas.
  6. Beaded Garland ($10.00)// Embellished with alternating red and beige beads, this garland will create a welcoming ambiance this holiday season.
  7. Garland ($5.00)// Add a festive northern look to your Christmas decor with this 9 ft spruce garland.
  8. Brush Trees (2ct $5.00)// With crisp white hues to bring a pop of polish to your space, plus these bottle brush trees will add texture and sparkle to your Christmas decor.
  9. Ceramic House ($5.00)// This stout house figurine is great on its own or combined with other Christmas themed figurines to fill your home with classic Christmas vibes.
  10. Nutcracker ($10.00)// Count the days until Christmas with this traditional Santa Countdown Nutcracker. The wood construction adds a charming crafted look.

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