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In this post, we highlight some of the best deals for this Friday! There is everything here from health and beauty to clothing and home goods! You never know what we will feature, so check back every weekday!

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OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Powder- 3 lb

S&S Needed with Clipped Coupon
As low as $5.39 (Reg. $10.99)

50% off Satin Pajama Set

Code Needed: A734GSER
$17.99 (Reg.$35.98)

40% off giant turkish towel

Code Automatically Applied: 40JD9MWU
$16.19-$17.39 (Reg.$26.99-$28.99)

50% off fall themed wired ribbon- 6 rolls

Code Needed: 50VQKDWU
$10.99 (Reg.$21.98)

50% off Cross Body Purses

Code Needed: IQR8EFEQ
$15.49 (Reg.$30.99)

70% off Bike Lock Cable with mounting bracket for scooters

Code Automatically Applied: 7017EI4H
$13.49 (Reg.$44.99)

55% off Learning Resources Smart Scoops Math Activity Set

No Code Needed
$12.72 (Reg.$27.99)

61% off Coleman Colossus 2-Person Boat

No Code Needed
$25.54 (Reg.$64.99)

50% off Women’s zippered Long House Coat with pockets

Code Needed with Clipped Coupon: BHPJ8C4G
$16.99-$18.49 (Reg.$33.99-$36.99)

56% off Coleman Pack-Away Camping Cot with Removable Side Table

No Code Needed
$39.61 (Reg.$89.99)

64% off Coleman 120-Volt Universal Electric Air Pump with Extension Hose

No Code Needed
$11.74 (Reg.$32.99)

45% off Makeup Organizer with 19 Drawers

Code Needed: BD1534CD
$38.69 (Reg.$65.98)

57% off Dual Screen Portable DVD players

Code Needed with Clipped Coupon: UGJUGBZZ
$79.53 (Reg.$185.99)

50% off Crochet Long Sleeve cardigan

Code Needed with Clipped Coupon: 30QT6E45
$16.49 (Reg.$32.99)

50% off Kid’s Winter Snow Boots

Code Automatically Applied: 506U8EN8
$14.99-$17.49 (Reg.$29.99-$34.99)

40% off Halloween Party Favors Sticky Hands- 48 count

Code Needed: BSSDLWPX
$8.39 (Reg.$13.99)

57% off BIC Brite Liner Highlighters

No Code Needed
$1.72 (Reg.$3.99)

41% off National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Hanging Basket

No Code Needed
$47.22 (Reg.$79.98)

52% off Anker Bluetooth Keyboard for Phones, Tablets, Computers, and Laptops

No Code Needed
$8.69 (Reg.$17.99)

45% off Vintage Glassware- set of 4

Code Needed with Clipped Coupon: UYY73CWK
$13.19 (Reg.$23.99)

62% off Coleman lantern LED String Lights

No Code Needed
$13.15 (Reg.$34.99)

50% off bedsure Weighted Massaging Heated Pad 

Code Needed with Clipped Coupon: 8AQLQBYG
$29.49-29.99 (Reg.$58.99-59.99)

40% off bed in a bag sets

Code Needed with Clipped Coupon: Y9TIODZO
$31.79-41.99 (Reg.$52.99-69.99)

50% off metal outdoor halloween decor stakes

Code Needed with Clipped Coupon: 40VDXVRL
$9.49 (Reg.$18.99)

50% off Halloween Glow in The Dark Gel Nail Polish

Code Automatically Applied: 50SAVIGEL
$9.99 (Reg.$19.99)

50% off Led Lighted Birch Tree

Code Automatically Applied: 50ZM1FA7
$9.99 (Reg.$19.99)

50% off 28″ Fake floor Plant

No Code Needed
$19.99 (Reg.$40.99)

59% off Pore Minimizing Face Toner

No Code Needed
$3.65 (Reg.$8.99)

57% off Versace Dylan Turquoise Pour Femme 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

No Code Needed
$44.99 (Reg.$105.00)

55% off Football themed inflatable cooler with ball

Code Needed with Clipped Coupon: 504IOL98
$16.19 (Reg.$35.99)

42% off TIGI Bed Head Manipulator texturizing Putty

No Code Needed
$11.50 (Reg.$19.99)

50% off LEGO DOTS Glitter and Shine Arts & Crafts Kit 

No Code Needed
$1.99 (Reg.$3.99)

65% off Women’s Turtleneck sweater

Code Needed with Clipped Coupon: WTNSXSIY
$13.64 (Reg.$38.99)

50% off Wooden Freestanding A-Frame Double-Sided Chalkboard

Code Needed with Clipped Coupon: SJ4MCO7J
$28.49 (Reg.$56.99)

40% off 3-Tier Rolling Utility Cart

Code Needed with Clipped Coupon: NUJGPF9N
$27.59 (Reg.$45.99)

50% off Poly Mailers- 10×13, 25 Pcs

Code Automatically Applied: 50R1YI5H
$4.49 (Reg.$8.99)

50% off Silicone Phone Holder Compatible with Bogg Bag

Code Needed: Y8WS38TA
$9.99 (Reg.$19.99)

50% off White Paper Bags with Handles- 50 count

Clipped Coupon Needed
$12.99 (Reg.$25.99)

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The Comments

  • Katherine Vess
    October 28, 2022

    Just wondering why I don’t receive my email till in the evening?

    • Cassie and Ali
      Katherine Vess
      November 1, 2022

      Hi Katherine! Our emails go out every day at varying times. Some come in the morning. Some in the evening!

  • Lynda
    December 23, 2022

    With the code the jewelry cabinet came up at $77.99

    • Rachel Luke
      December 26, 2022

      There’s a clipped coupon that drops it down to 67.99 with the code. Looks like it’s still active too if you are still interested!

  • Theresa Fasolino
    January 6, 2023

    Love you guys!

    • Rachel Luke
      Theresa Fasolino
      January 7, 2023

      Aw, thank you Theresa! Right back at you! Thanks for being here with us.

  • Christine Castler
    March 3, 2023

    The baby you have listed when add to your cart and check out doesn’t come up as $12 something…. It’s $55. Any help??

    • Rachel Luke
      Christine Castler
      March 4, 2023

      Hi Christine! Looks like there was a price hike on the doll. That can happen due to demand, low stock or one supplier running out and the listing switches to another seller on Amazon. So sorry you missed that one!

  • Sharon
    April 29, 2023

    Why won’t the code work on the camping team t-shirts?

    • Rachel Luke
      April 29, 2023

      Hi Sharon! That promotion is still active and I just tested it. It is still working, so here are some tips that might help. Make sure there is nothing else in your cart. Try applying the code even through it should automatically drop. And lastly, copy and paste the link into a new browser if all else fails. Hope that helps!

  • Sharon
    April 29, 2023

    I have tried ordering the t-shirts 2 times and had to cancel the order because the code won’t work.

  • Michelle
    July 21, 2023

    why do some of the codes not work?

    • Rachel Luke
      July 22, 2023

      Hi Michelle! Let us know which deal is giving you trouble and we will troubleshoot it. We don’t have any control over when they expire, but sometimes there’s a simple fix.