Holiday Decoration Storage Ideas

We joyfully spend time decorating our home for the holidays. We have the music going and the cocoa flowing. And, when the holiday is over, we need to holiday decoration storage ideas. We try not to think about that while we’re in decorating mode, which is why it’s important to pre-plan.

While we love trimming our tree, we’ve spent too long detangling lights and searching for ornaments in all the wrong boxes. Holiday decoration storage ideas for our decor will help us be prepared next year! Here, you’ll find holiday decor storage ideas that will make the takedown almost as fun as the put-up.

Whether you’re an organizing pro or need all the tips you can get tips (like we do), we’ve found holiday decoration storage solutions for every room in your home.

The storage bins, bags, and containers you’re about to see are all under $15. They are also available in festive colors that make them easily identifiable. What’s more, they have special features like padding and waterproof fabrics to protect your decorations! Let’s get into it.

8 Christmas storage bins

  1. Ornament Storage Bin ($6.99)// Neatly store up to 64 ornaments in this ornament storage bin. Plus, the durable non-woven fabric and heavy duty cardboard ensures this ornament storage box will last many holiday seasons to come. Make sure to clip the coupon.
  2. Accessories Storage Bag ($7.99)// Safely store your garland, twinkle lights, and paper for next year. The best part is this bag fits perfectly under a bed!
  3. Wreath Bag ($12.83)// Keep your artificial wreaths perfectly fluffed and dust-free with a wreath storage bag. Just zip it right up and it will be ready for next year!
  4. Christmas Tree Storage ($13.99)// Christmas trees are pricey, so ensure yours is protected in this water-proof storage bag that can hold up to a 9 foot tall tree.
  5. Wrapping Paper Holder ($8.99)// This gift wrapping paper bag can store up to 20 standard rolls. So, stock up on wrapping paper after the holidays for next year and tuck it all away!
    – If you need a single wrapping paper holder, grab it here for
    $3.60 (reg. $8.99)
  6. Christmas Light Organizer (13.59)// If you have a lot of cords that need to be wrapped, divide them with this all-purpose light and cord wind up. No more tangles!
  7. Christmas Light Storage ($13.99)// Organize and store all of your Christmas lights and extension cords with this convenient Christmas tree lights storage box. Each box holds up to a 200 bulb strand—that’s 800 bulbs in one box.
  8. Latching Totes// Bins in red and green colors are easy to spot. These big bins are also perfect for stacking and storing larger decor. Here are three great options at $8 each.

We always love to see what you got! Make sure to comment below with what you added to the cart or tag us in your posts on the ‘gram. Happy organizing!

Happy Shopping!

-The Bargain Sisters, Cassie & Ali

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