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REVIEW: Colgate’s LED Teeth Whitener

Teeth whitening can be such a process, and one we often forget to do. But, it’s an important one! We’ve tried it all—strips, charcoal toothpaste, and even coconut oil! What’s the term for that again? Oh, yeah, “pulling.” That wasn’t exactly for us. So, when Colgate reached out and told us about their new LED Teeth Whitening Device & 10-Day Treatment, we were excited to try it!

And, before we get into everything we love about it, we have to give you just one little (okay, big) spoiler: You see results when you use it for just ten minutes a day!

Ahhhh, isn’t that amazing? Every other regimen we’ve tried has been at least thirty minutes of concentrated whitening time per day. And, as busy moms, wives, and business owners, that’s been a pretty big reason why teeth whitening has often gone by the wayside.

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What’s in the kit?

This kit is so simple in the very best way! It includes:

  • 1 LED whitening device
  • 1 charging case
  • A 10-day supply of whitening serums
  • And, one brighter smile (we visible saw results as early as day three)

What we love about This Colgate whitening system

There are so many things to love about Colgate’s LED teeth whitener & 10-day treatment. We know you don’t have all day, so here are the main things we appreciate about the system:

  • The device and included whitening system give you a professional whitening treatment from the comfort of your own home (read: in our showers or sitting on the couch)
  • There really is no mess and no stress. The device pops in for just a few minutes for a little over a week. Easy peasy!
  • Your time commitment is just 10 mins a day for 10 days. If we can handle that, you definitely can, too
  • For those of us with sensitive teeth, Colgate made sure we were covered. The LED teeth whitener and 10-day treatment system are designed for no tooth sensitivity
  • To top it off, the whole regimen is enamel-safe and clinically proven to deliver 6 shades of whiter teeth! Isn’t that incredible?
Teeth Whitener Treatment

Should you buy Colgate’s LED Teeth Whitening Device & 10-Day Treatment?

We saw great results from the new Colgate LED whitening kit! Given the ease and very low time commitment, plus the fantastic results, this system is a no-brainer for us. Pro tip: Take photos along the way so you can compare because just looking in the mirror every day doesn’t give your eye a great comparison.

As we see deals on this Colgate system, you know we’ll be sharing them in The Bargain Sisters Group and in our stories on @the_bargainsisters. In the meantime, let us know if you get one and love it as much as we did!

Big thanks to Colgate for sponsoring this post.

The device is theirs, but the thoughts are all ours.

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