Rome Travel Deal

Rome Travel Deal

This post contains an overview of the Rome Travel Deal and provides details about the cities, travel prices, and what to expect on your journey.

It’s not a secret my lifelong dream is to travel the world, I mean who wouldn’t want to? One place that in on the top of my places to visit is Rome, Italy. It would be magical to see the Pantheon or to be in the Colosseum where gladiators entertained the masses. It sounds so magical.

I am now one step closer to my dream after finding this flight deal. You can fly roundtrip to Rome for $409 between January – April 2022. We’re talking all over the country from LA to New York, and everywhere in between. These flights are normally $600+ so if you’re wanting to go, jump on this now!

How to book

  • Go to Google Flights
  • Change the city you want to fly out of. (There may be more cities that are discounted than we are seeing, if so please let us know below.)
  • Click on “Date Grid” to see the calendar view and the lowest prices. The lowest prices are usually in green.
  • Book the flights. We suggest booking directly through the airline if possible.

Cities and Prices

We are seeing flights this low out of a lot of different cities. Some, but not all are:

  • Atlanta $535
  • Boise $521
  • Buffalo $517
  • Chicago $439
  • Dallas $492
  • Denver $492
  • Fort Lauderdale $452
  • Houston $492
  • Las Vegas $507
  • Los Angeles $487
  • Newark $464
  • New Orleans $517
  • New York City (JFK) $409
  • New York City (LGA) $469
  • Phoenix $492
  • Sacramento $517
  • Salt Lake City $517
  • San Antonio $517
  • San Diego $515
  • San Francisco $507
  • San Jose $521
  • Seattle $515
  • Tampa $507
  • Tucson $517
  • Tulsa $521
  • And so many more!

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