Travel Gear for Kids

When we’re on the go, our travel gear for kids has to work as hard as we do. And, after years and years of hauling a whole lot of children around the country in cars and sitting with them on airplanes, we’ve learned a lot. So, it was high time for us to round up our favorite travel accessories for toddlers and car accessories for long road trips and add them to our new family travel tips series. To that end, in case you missed it, check out our top five tips for traveling with kids.

We’ll wait.

Okay, now that you’ve learned all of our favorite family travel hacks (isn’t Ali’s packing strategy genius?!), it’s time to get to the goods. What we love about all of these things is they won’t go out of style—at least not for a long time.

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Now, the gear. Really.

Insulated Water bottle with straw

Lavender Insulated Water Bottle

This stainless steel water bottle not only comes in four sizes but also comes in about a zillion colors. If you have multiple kids, they won’t have to fight over whose is whose! It’s durable and has a carrying handle, built-in straw, and a wide mouth. Most importantly, this water bottle keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 8. It’s perfect for outdoor activities, car rides, and toting pretty much anywhere.

Lightweight Travel stroller for toddlers

Lightweight travel stroller for toddlers

If you’re traveling with a toddler (bless!), you’re going to need a stroller that is: firstly, light; secondly, compact; and thirdly, quick to assemble. This Summer 3Dmini umbrella stroller ticks every box!

Snack dispenser

SkipHop snack dispenser for kids

Keep kids entertained and well-fed with options in this cute, easy-to-grab-and-go snack dispenser! The interchangeable, twist-and-lock lids set this storage container apart: moreover, each section can be used separately or stacked together and carried by the top handle. Bonus: the translucent colors allow kids to see what’s inside!

inflatable foot pillow

Inflatable Foot Pillow

These inflatable pillows do double duty as footrests and airplane beds for toddlers. They’re compact, washable, light, and portable. For longer trips especially, you need kids’ travel gear that is going to help your family stay comfortable, especially while they’re snoozing.

Lightweight Travel Crib

Lightweight travel crib for kids

So, once you get where you’re going, you’ll need to have somewhere else for your kids to sleep. It’s so much harder with little kids because they require a lot of stuff. In sum, what we love about this lightweight travel crib is that it also serves as a playpen! Do people still call them playpens? Anyway, you get it. Bonus: It comes with a travel bag for easy packing and carrying.

Best toddler headphones

best toddler headphones

We love these headphones for a few reasons. One, they’re Bluetooth. Two, they’re over-ear. Three, they have limited volume, which protects your kids’ ears. And, lastly, they have long battery life if you use them wirelessly. Multiple colors, too!

kids’ Travel Tray

kids travel tray

Have you noticed a theme here? We love do-it-all kids’ travel gear! Each product has to do double duty and this travel does double duty squared times infinity. It has a dry-erase board, multiple pockets, and a place for everything. It’s foldable, portable, and non-toxic. Your little adventurers can do everything from coloring to eating with it. In sum, add this to your cart ASAP and thank us later.

Seatbelt pillow

car seat pillow

Certainly, kids aren’t the only ones who need this seatbelt pillow. We all do! Well, maybe not the driver, but you get it. These super-soft velvet pads were made to wrap around seat belts and provide a comfortable ride for small passengers. They reduce neck strain (and snoring!), are machine-washable, and are kid-sized!

Fire tablet for kids

fire tablet for kids

If you’re headed on a trip that involves long travel anytime soon, get your kids a Fire tablet! For example, the included one year of Amazon Kids+ is reason enough. It gives your kids access to over 20,000 apps, games, books, videos, audiobooks, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more. Plus, there are often discounts for buying multiple.

Insulated travel bag

insulated travel bag with floral print

Keep their snacks cozy and cool in this insulated travel bag that can hold up to 24 cans inside. Above all, it’s packable, which means you can shove it in a suitcase for your next beach vacation and fill it up before lounging on a beach chair. OR, your kids can keep it near their feet in the car. Either way, we see a bunch of happier campers in your future—wherever your adventures take you.

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Happy travels!

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