Valentine’s for Her

Promptly Journal Couples

We are all about connecting! This journal is not only beautiful but a great way to write down different thoughts and ideas. We don’t know about you, but our ideas become clearer as we write.

Capri Volcano Candle

We have NEVER met a women that doesn’t love this smell! There is just something about it that makes us instantly happy, beautiful and ready to take on life.

AirPods Pro and Case

Trust us, we need a break from life sometimes and Podcasts are our thing! These make momming much more enjoyable.

Birth Flower Ring

Simple, pretty and thoughtful! What more do we need?

HOBO Wallet

We both have HOBO wallets and they are a dream come true. They hold any and everything you need, look great and last for ages!

Overnight Lip Mask

The ratings on this are top notch and we can attest they are all correct! We love this and your women will too. Keeps those lips silky smooth.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanner Drops

Every women we know feels a bit better when we are tan, no matter if is fake or not! This stuff is AH-MAZING! And your women deserves to feel her BEST!

Jade Roller

Give her a little rest and relaxation. Just one more way to pamper herself.

Modern Backpack

Cutest look alike bag around. She doesn’t have to know that you didn’t spend $$$$ on it.

Lingerie Bodysuit

This gift is sexy! What more do we need to say?

RayBan Sunglasses

These last for ages and are timeless. Protect those eye, she only gets one set!

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  • Macey Walters
    December 16, 2021

    These are all fantastic!