Valentine’s for Him

Deep Massage Gun

We have yet to meet a man that doesn’t want one of these! They get the job done.

Carbon Fiber Wallet

Slim, sleek and just what they need. My husband has this wallet and loves that it is not HUGE!

Hot Sauce Sampler Set

Our men love a little SPICE! This set is the perfect gift for the grilling, cooking, spice loving man.

Boss Noise Canceling Headphones

These have been a life saver with our husbands working from home. Everyone is happier when Dad wears these while working!

Tactical Pen

Men love little gadgets like this! Perfect to keep in a desk drawer or even in the car. You never know when it will come in handy.

Under Armour Hat

Perfect time to get the men in your life a new hat that isn’t sweaty and gross. This one will even hide the sweat.

Coupon Book

This book keeps on giving and neither of you will be upset about it!


Did you know that a lot of the lubricant out there is actually not all that good for your body. This one is a good one for everyone involved.

Chemical Guys Polish Kit

Our men love a clean polished car. This set is top notch and will leave your man smiling.


Men love a good action film … this lets them create their own.

Stance Socks

Give the men in you life socks that every other man is raving about.