Valentine’s for School

This post provides you with a list of the best Valentine’s for School events to help you plan your perfect day.

play doh valentines


This 20 pack of Play-Doh would be fantastic to give away on V Day. Come on, every little kid loves this stuff. Plus it is just $5.94 right now. “I a-doh you!” or “You are a-doh-able”

ring pop valentines

Ring Pop

Grab 80 Ring Pops for $27.92! That is just 35cents a piece. “You ROCK!’ or “You are a GEM!

Valentine Pencils

Valentine Pencils

48 pencils for just $12.99 but right now there is also a 5% off capable coupon. “You are so sharp” or “You are writing on”!

Building Block Animals

Building Block Animals

Every kid loves building blocks. These little hearts filled with animals are perfect. Snag 26 for $14.95.

valentine bubbles


These bubble wands hold just the right amount of bubbles. Get 56 for just $9.97. “You blow me away!”

valentine fun dip

Fun Dip

We think this is every kid’s favorite and every parent’s enemy! But for one day, why not let them have the Fun Dip. 24 pouches for $10.29

Heart Shaped Glasses

Heart Shaped Glasses

This comes with everything you need, cards and the treat! Who doesn’t love wearing a new pair of glasses?

valentine Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

These are adorable. We love that all the work is already done and yet it is personal and everyone gets a bracelet. 28 for just $19.98.

Valentine Cars

Valentine Cars

Once again everything you need to keep everyone happy. Get 28 cars for $19.99 and you don’t have to print anything else out.

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  • Laura Larsen
    December 15, 2021

    Love these ideas!