Bubble Art Painting

The summer months can be long and draw out with kids continually emphasizing just how bored they truly are. Good thing there are bubbles to keep kids from every age, toddler to teen, entertained. Bubble art painting is a great way to add a bit of fun and creativity to your painting.

We recently tried bubble painting and it has for sure given us a few hours of freedom from hearing, “I’m bored”.

We love that all you need are things you probably already have laying around waiting for just this opportunity. So grab your dish soap (don’t worry, we aren’t washing dishes), and let’s get to painting with bubbles!

Tools Needed For Bubble Art Painting

Plastic Cups for colors

Plastic Cups

These are great plastic cups. We love having these on hand for all the spontaneous art projects or lemonade stands. Get 100 for just $10.99. We mean, at that price can you say no?

Painters Tape

This set of 3 is just $9.97. It comes off really easy and doesn’t leave a mess. We have may have had this lying around from our own home DIY project.

Painters Tape for bubble art painting


Parent hack: all drinks taste better to kids when they drink them from a straw. We are not kidding! Also, if they can bend it is EVEN better. Grab 500 straws for $9.99 (Reg $14.99)

Card Stock

Most likely you have had this hanging around but your kids have confiscated it and it is all used up with different art projects. At least that is how it is at our house. When you need it, you never have it because the kids have used it all. This pack of 100 is $13.99.

Card Stock use for Painting
Dish Soap for Painting

Dish Soap

We are fans of this dish soap because you can use it for literally everything. When Cassie’s kids were little and she used cloth diapers she would use this dish soap to strip her diapers. This two pack is $13.99.

Corn Syrup

If you have been around here for any amount of time, you know that we love a recipe with some corn syrup. Give us an art project with it in, and we are in heaven. $7.89 right now.

Corn Syrup For Bubble Painting
Food Coloring For Bubble Art

Food Coloring

Ali’s is the best cake maker. She makes beautiful cakes. When she has an ingredient that she swears by, it is best if we listen. She loves this set of food colors. Snag the whole pack of 8 for $8.99.

Bubble Painting


  1. Make the colored bubbles by combining 6 cups hot water and 2 cups clear dishwashing soap, stirring well
    • Add 3/4 Cup corn syrup, stir well, then separate into small cups.
    • Add 3-5 drops of food coloring into each cup and stir well.
  2. Use the painter’s tape to make fun designs on the card stock.
  3. Dip the straws into the bubbles and blow them onto the paper, you’ll see fun colors appear to create a fun and color art piece!
    • If you used painter’s tape, wait for the bubbles to dry, then remove the tape to see your masterpiece finished.

This activity can be done over and over again creating new colors and designs. It will leave the kids satisfied and you’ll have new fun, colorful art to adorn your fridge.

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