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Home Organization Ideas for a Tidy Space

Well, everyone, the holidays have come and gone. While we’re breathing a sigh of relief to be past all the hullabaloo, it’s now time to store and organize. For us, the New Year means working smarter, not harder. These fabulous products provide us with storage and organization ideas for a tidy home.

Whether you’re trying to feng shui your home office, clean up your cabinets, or get a handle on your closet, storage and organization ideas will make your brain (and your home) feel a lot less chaotic. Plus, if you’re like us, you still have some Christmas decorations to organize neatly. Honestly, there is a certain kind of zen we get from Marie Kondo-ing, well, everything—including our husbands’ things, much to their chagrin!

So, check out these twelve storage and organization ideas and products that are super cute and priced right. They’re helping us feel fresh for the New Year, and we know they can do the same for you!

    12 Useful Organizing Products


1. Under Sink Organizer

This pretty, expandable shelf from Target’s Threshold line holds all the things. It also features two shelves of expandable space for your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, or laundry room cabinets. Plus, its sturdy steel construction holds more weight!

2. Cabinet Hanging Storage Bin

There is so much we love about this little storage bin. First, it has sleek and sturdy hooks, which allow you to mount it to the interior of your cabinet door. Second, it’s made of literal steel. Third, it features an airy, wired design that lets you easily see and access stored items. Essential! $15.

3. Stackable Hanging Bin

Honestly, whenever we see the word “stackable,” we’re usually sold. Plus, this pretty bin helps us get organized almost instantly. Not only does it stack, but it can also hang on shelves. Maximize your storage space for just $15 a pop!

4. Mini Glass Jars

Surely, we’re not saying everyone wants their counters to be full of beautiful jars like Khloe Kardashian’s, but we sure do. This set of eight is $10 and keeps counters, shelves, or whatever else organized and beautiful. We use them to display little bribery treats for our kiddos, however, you do you!

5. Expanding Spice Shelf

We love this gorgeous bamboo expandable shelf from Threshold! Since it maximizes your kitchen storage space it helps you see all your spices. Really, just $20 can change your life.

6. Acrylic Trays

Hey, we’re still channeling Mad Men vibes on our counters and these acrylic trays fit the bill. Besides, they can be used to organize and display decor, create a coffee bar, or elevate a wet bar. Above all, they are versatile and only $10 for two!

7. Clear Stackable Organizer

Target’s new Brightroom line is full of chic storage and organization options. Yes, it does look a lot like what you used to get at The Container Store. And, for a lot less! This sleek, four-drawer, clear container stores your cosmetics or craft supplies for just $20.

8. Wire Pan Organizer

Wow, this is the pan organizer we didn’t know we needed! Plus, it stores much more than just pans. Add cutting boards, plates, and kitchen gear to your heart’s content to this pretty wire holder. It features four slots for $14. While you’re there, might as well grab two!

9. Makeup Organizer

Okay, this organizer is our piece de resistance. Think of it as a lazy Susan for your makeup. Remember lazy Susans?! This clear plastic spinning beauty organizer keeps bathrooms and vanities neat and organized. Truly, it’ll change your life! $15.

10. Food Storage Container

Yes, we are channeling Khloe’s house again, but on a budget. Grab as many of these clear food storage containers as you care to fit in your panty and on your counters. What’s more, they’re 8″ tall and this storage and organization idea makes life so much easier. $6!

11. Decorative Basket

Our stance on storage baskets is this: the limit does not exist. For this reason, we included this natural straw round bin for just $10. We wouldn’t blame you if you put it in every room. Plus, the website description uses one of our favorite phrases: multipurpose storage. Lastly, handles. You really can’t go wrong!

12. Wire Basket

Now, remember how we said the basket limit does not exist? We weren’t lying! White wire baskets are so on-trend. First, they’re versatile. Second, they’re classic. And, third, they’re sturdy. Conclusion? For $8 a pop, they’re an instant add-to-cart.


As always, if we find any screaming deals on any of these storage and organizational items, we’ll share them on our Facebook page, our website, and on IG. Also, if you buy any of the products we wrote about, we’d love to see them in your homes! Tag us (@the_bargainsisters) on Instagram or post a photo in our VIP Facebook Group.

Lastly, did you notice anything missing from our list? If there are any storage and organization items out there you can’t live without, comment below and let us know.

Happy Marie Kondo-ing!

-The Bargain Sisters, Cassie and Ali

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  • Marjorie
    January 20, 2022

    These are all great ideas. Feel like your watching me. Lol! I’ve been going through my house and getting rid of everything. bringing what I am keeping off the floor, putting into bins or finding some sort of organizer. Haven’t done the kitchen yet and several of what you have pictured should do the job. Thank you for your ideas.