The Best Father’s Day Recipe

If you were to ask us what the best Father’s Day recipe is, we would both answer unanimously our dad’s famous bacon waffles! Our dad would make these anytime he got to decide what we had for dinner (yes, waffles for dinner are a thing!).

There is no recipe that is more fitting to celebrate the men in our lives. We always joke that EVERYTHING is better with bacon, and while these waffles can stand on their own … adding bacon puts the cherry on top. We promise that they are not to be missed; you and the men in your life are going to crave them!

Tools Needed

Waffle Iron

Waffle Iron

Cassie is very particular about her waffle irons, in fact, growing up she would only eat waffles from the certain waffle iron. The difference? The waffle iron had to be round. This Cuisinart waffle iron has Cassie’s stamp of approval, and even better, it’s under $30 (don’t miss that extra coupon).

Hand Mixer

Every home needs a good hand mixer, it’s a staple. This Black and Decker mixer is currently 50% off, making it only $14.99! We really love that it comes with three types of beaters for all your baking needs and storage to keep everything together (hello lost beaters….we see you).

Hand Mixer
Non Stick Frying Pan

8inch Non Stick Frying Pan

Why does it seem you can never have enough smaller frying pans? They are the perfect size for so many simple grilling and sautéing needs. For $14.99, this frying pan is the perfect size for cooking up some bacon.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

These measuring spoons will forever and always be our go-to. Not only do they come with ALL the different measurements you will need (can someone please tell us why so many sets are missing basic measurements?), but they are magnetic to nest and stay together in one place. Major plus? They don’t rust.

Measuring Cups and Spoons for Recipe
Mixing Bowls For Recipe

Mixing Bowls

If pretty mixing bowls aren’t a baking essential, we don’t know what is. This nesting set stores easily comes in 10+ color combinations, features pour spouts AND handles, and each bowl is dishwasher + freezer-safe.


When it comes to spatulas, we love options! Add this 100% food-grade silicone set to your baking essentials rotation for just $12.99! This set of five has smooth, flexible, thin edges, which means no scratches and no damage to your pots and pans. Plus, each piece is temperature resistant down to -104℉ and up to ~600℉.

Spatulas for Recipe
waffles recipe


  • 2 C Flour
  • 3 t Baking Powder
  • 1/4 t Salt
  • 2 Eggs (Separated)
  • 2 C Milk (sometimes we need to add a bit more)
  • 1 Pkg Bacon
  • 6 T Bacon Grease (if making without bacon, use melted shortening)


  1. Cut and cook bacon. Set bacon aside and save grease.
  2. Mix flour, baking powder, and salt.
  3. Add egg yolks, milk, and bacon grease (or shortening). Mix.
  4. Beat egg whites until stiff. Fold in beaten egg whites
  5. Fold in cooked bacon.
  6. Cook in the waffle iron and enjoy with butter and syrup!

These waffles will leave you satisfied and wanting more. You will not be disappointed; We know it. Hope you enjoy it!

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