5 Genius Amazon Shopping Hacks

Well, family, you can probably tell that we spend a lot of time on Amazon. We are The Bargain Sisters, after all! And, in the years that we’ve been running our business (and long before, honestly), we’ve compiled 5 genius Amazon shopping hacks that have made our lives a whole lot easier.

But, we’re not the only ones! We would never presume to know all the tips and tricks of deal hunting, so we surveyed our friends: @shesattarget and @myfavebuys. Along with our tips, they brought in ideas we hadn’t even considered. We know they’re going to help you a ton, too!

So, if you’re looking for even greater Amazon savings (who isn’t?!), sit back and start scrolling through these tips. Oh, and don’t forget to follow us @the_bargainsisters. We’re always sharing shopping hacks that work on our Instagram reels. Plus, we share 200+ deals per day in The Bargain Sisters Group.

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Tip 1: How to find lookalikes on Amazon

Okay, hold onto your seats because this online shopping hack is going to change your life. If you’re like us, you might see something you love on an influencer or in an ad and want to see if there are lower-price versions of it. But how?

Here’s how to find designer dupes on Amazon: Use the photo icon located on the Amazon search bar—either on the app or on the website.

Then, upload a photo of whatever you’re eyeing: shoes, a dress, etc. Hit “Search” and Amazon will quickly scan the site for similar items at a variety of price points!

We’ll pause here and wait while you try in. Come back in a few for tip #2.

2. Amazon Lightning Deals Hack

Hi, you’re back. How did your searches go? Well, we hope! Oh, you added a bunch of items to the cart? Excellent, excellent, excellent. Love to see it.

If you’re ready for our next tip, it’s a simple one. It might even be so obvious you forget about it. Isn’t it funny how that goes?

Find Deals of the Day, lightning deals, and limited-time sales. These are often displayed on the Amazon home page and seem to be more prominent in the app, however, price and other details may vary based on your chosen product’s size and color.

What’s more, you can be alerted to lightning deals and limited-time sales on items on your wish lists, so be sure to keep those updated. Also, enable Amazon notifications in the app so you can jump on savings opportunities quickly.

Tip 3: Amazon Comparison Tool
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Submitted from Nicole Christine By Nicole Christine / IG @shesattarget

Remember how we said we were going to talk to our friends? Nicole is one of our favorite bloggers and while her Instagram proclaims her love of Target, you can find her on Amazon when she’s at home. Here’s what she told us:

“Something I do every time I’m shopping on Amazon is research the different sellers and comparing prices. I know it can be tempting to checkout with the first item you find, but I always go down to ‘Products related to this item’ and see all of the options from different sellers. Almost every time I find the item I’m looking for from a different seller for a better price.

I also use the Honey browser extension. Not only is it great for coupon codes, but it also has a feature where it tells you directly on the Amazon page if the item you’re looking at has had any price changes in the last month so you’ll know if it’s a good time to purchase!”

Isn’t that a great Amazon search hack? Check out more of Nicole’s tips and finds on her Instagram: @shesattarget.

Tip 4: Amazon Warehouse Deals

One of the more hidden Amazon hacks that we love for home deals especially is searching through Amazon warehouse deals. This is Amazon’s version of shopping for other people’s returns. And, if you’ve ever returned something, you know that it’s usually barely even opened.

To employ this Amazon warehouse hack, go to Amazon.com, or open your Amazon mobile shopping app, type “Amazon Warehouse” in the search bar and browse through available categories and inventory.

Another way to get to the warehouse deals is to search within the Warehouse store. Open-box discounts are HUGE. We’ve found brand new items for a quarter of the price (kids’ balance bikes, dining room chairs, area rugs, and more) by searching warehouse deals.

Tip 5: Subscribe & Save
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Submitted by Lauren from Amazon Buys / IG @myfavebuys 

Our fifth and final genius Amazon shopping hack comes from Lauren from @myfavebuys. If you don’t know Lauren, you’re going to want to give her a follow because she is definitely one of our people. She finds THE best things on Amazon and creates beautiful graphics out of them, too. Plus, she’s on our level with her strong positive feelings about Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature, which we went into detail about in our blog post about kids’ snacks we like to buy in bulk. You can find that here.

As Lauren says, “One of my favorite ways to save money on Amazon is taking advantage of the Subscribe & Save feature that Prime members have! You can select items that you never want to go without and you can also select the delivery frequency. The discount is normally anywhere from 5% – 15%. I subscribe to things like paper towels, dish soap, diapers, wipes, and even some of my family’s favorite snacks.” Seriously, everyone. We didn’t even tell her to say that!

“By using Subscribe & Save,” Lauren continues, “I not only save money, but I also save time at the grocery store. I love knowing that a lot of my necessities are already taken care of and will show up on my doorstep when they’re needed!”

And, isn’t that the dream? Thanks, Lauren! This is such an incredible Amazon shopping hack and we hope more people will start utilizing it to cash in on those extra Amazon savings ASAP. Find her on Instagram @myfavebuys.

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